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RasterTech Australia is a software distribution division of Breedveld Enterprises Ltd (BEL). For the past 22 years we have been bringing to New Zealand and the Pacific
world leading Technical Software for users and developers. In 2016 we have taken over the distrbution rights for Australia

Are you making drawing changes on paper images using CAD or other tools? If you are then what does this mean for you in time, effort and accountability?
There are many different ways to create changes on paper originals. If you use typical CAD software you will most likely have to convert all of the drawing to
the CAD format. This will most likely mean that you or some engineer will be responsible for the accuracy of all the converted information. Does this make you
worry? Does this make your company worry?
Read about our  new products, contact us to get more information concerning your case, make your life easier.
CSoft's WiseCAD, WiseImage,WiseMechanical, WiseBook,PlanTracer, RasterID,  Rasterex's RxView, RxHighlight

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RasterTech is a registered trademark of Breedveld Enterprises Limited
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