EDA is a personal drawing archive. An archive is a database that holds references to drawings...  
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Desktop Viewer
RxView and RxHighlight... 
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With thelp from CSView the user can open any kind of documents and file formats, raster images...  
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WiseBook is a solution for book and unique document scanning. WiseBook is a vital part...  
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Rasterex Products
Web SDK for viewing technical documents
Our SDK consists of a groundbreaking viewing API, technical documentation and sample code. This is a true web viewer, enabling universal viewing of any file type from any location in any browser on any platform – providing a variety of features for viewing, measuring, zooming/panning/rotation, calibration, markup, annotation, file conversion and more.
RxView 360.
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Support portal
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SDK solutions
CSPanorama is a web based file viewing solution and equipped with HTML5...
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A Powerful Desktop Viewer for CAD, BIM, PDF, Office and Images
With RxView you get access to basic features and will be able to view, measure and print 250 different file formats natively. Upgrade to RxHighlight and get access to extended functions and benefits, so you can work even more efficiently in processes and teams. See benefits and features down under.
RasterID provides a solution to the bottleneck problem of image processing and indexing...  
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PlanTracer is an application for AutoDesk's Architectual Desktop (ADT) and...  
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WiseImage FM is an application based on the unique CSoft raster-vector technology...   Read More
WiseImage FM
WiseImage for Windows
WiseImage for Windows is the most advanced program for raster, vector and hybrid editing...
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WiseImage Lite for AutoCAD
WiseImage for AutoCAD solves the problem of incorporating scanned raster...  
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CSoft Products